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It’s never been a question of talent with The Katinas. the award-winning five-man band of Sam, Joe, James, John and Jesse have threaded a long, unbroken line of musical excellence and artistry through the years despite the pressures and uncertainties of the entertainment industry. The Katinas is a group of men who truly understand the responsibility that comes with their God-given talents, platform and opportunities. They have fully grasped how to carefully handle them over two transformative decades.

Since the days of their youth playing in their father’s church worship band, The Katinas have always had a unique way of cutting through the noise and straight to people’s hearts with their music. Perhaps it’s their gorgeously crafted song arrangements. Maybe it’s their lush Polynesian harmonies. It could be the warmth of their smiles and their authenticity onstage, offstage and backstage. Sure, there are other bands and artists trending atop the charts at the moment, but while they’ll come and go, The Katinas remain the epitome of class and consistency.

“We do our best to creatively present the Gospel message in a non-threatening yet non-compromising way to a variety of audiences. Our heart is to communicate the love of Jesus across a wide breadth of social, racial, economic and religious backgrounds. We don’t bring a guilt-driven message of condemnation. We bring a message of inspiration.” - Joe Katina



The Katinas