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We are going on almost 25 years of Nā Palapalai - it’s talented members and it’s uniquely Hawai'i Island sound. We started in the early 90’s backing up Akoni as da Palapalai Patch, singing our hearts out to Moku O Keawe songs from he and his Tutu, Ida Kahele. Later, as Kuana, Kehau and Wailau we became full-fledged "ferns," Nā Palapalai. Hilo’s own. We were determined to hit it big and started with every seedy bar, backyard pa'ina, Tuesday fundraiser and funeral we could get our hands on.

Kuana Torres Kahele, Keao Costa and Kehau Tamure. Not until 2018 did fate bring the core group back together: Kuana Torres Kahele, Keao Costa and Kehau Tamure.

2019 brings us to our newest release, "Back to the Patch." It is a tribute to our fans and friends who have become a Hawaiian music army worldwide. Your unwavering support humbles us every day.

We dedicate this to all the hula dancers around the world. Mahalo for the Aloha from countries and cultures we could have never dreamed of reaching. It is for you that we sing.



Nā Palapalai