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The uniquely gifted 17-year-old singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, Greyson Chance, has enjoyed a spectacular kick off to his career, drawing 14 million views on YouTube, performing multiple times on “Ellen” and twice headlined in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila and elsewhere in Far Eastern Asia.

Gentle yet painfully honest. Spare in texture, emotionally turbulent. The music of Greyson Chance blends insight and irresolution with a sensitivity many artist three times his age have yet to achieve. He is a virtuoso of understatement, a plain-speaking poet and an artist whose time has come.

Yet to be titled, his upcoming EP stems from years of reflection. Life-changing choices had to be made to bring him to this point. One of them involved acknowledging and embracing his orientation as a gay man. Perhaps even more courageously, he escaped the mixed blessings of celebrity, moved back to his home state of Oklahoma and enrolled at the University of Tulsa, where he remains a student even now.

After a spurt of inspired writing, Chance flew to L.A. and headed to the studio of his friend and producer Willy Beaman. Together they polished and recorded Chance’s new songs, some of which are featured on the upcoming EP. The single “Low” has already been released, along with a haunting lyric video that consists of nothing but countryside shot from the window of a car driving down lonely roads. “I didn’t realize how I was feeling until I got that song down and fleshed out some of the things I was going through as I wrote it,” he says. “It was very therapeutic.”

“A lot of people think that artists write to sell product,” he explains. “Very selfishly, I write for one person. And that’s me. I’m happy that people can latch on to these songs. They tell me ‘Thank you so much for writing this music,’ but I would have written it regardless. It’s just how I cope with life.”



Greyson Chance