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Cocoa Tea is one of Reggae's most talented and versatile artists. His smooth, easy-going vocal presentation (pre-recorded or live) has become his trademark, earning him wide international acclaim; with songs like "Lost My Sonia," "Tune In" and "Rocking Dolly," becoming world anthems in Reggae land. Admired and respected for his fine conscious recordings, Cocoa Tea is also known for his unwavering generosity and kindness for the less fortunate.

Cocoa Tea has been performing all over the world since 1984, with extensive tours to the U.S., Canada, Europe the Caribbean and Japan. Locally he remains a regular on all major concerts and has appeared on reggae's premiere event, Reggae Sunsplash every year since 1987, except in 1989. He singled out his three most memorable performances to date; his first performance on Sunsplash in 1987, the other, a show in Canada, where he performed for two hours non-stop, and his landmark achievement, a performance in St. Croix, where he performed for 10,000 people in the pouring rain. And on reggae japan splash 1991 where it was said that about 1,000,000 were in attendance

Cocoa Tea earned his stage name, because of his love for ...?... you guessed right, hot cocoa (cocoa tea, as it is called in rural Jamaica). Sweet, sweet Cocoa Tea attributes his inspiration to Jah. His aim was to become a role model, a source of learning and inspiration- like the great Bob Marley, whom he so admires. As he puts it, "There is a lack of consciousness from what it used to be, it's (the music) is becoming what it is not be.''



Cocoa Tea