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“Up Close and Personal” launches the audience back to a time when the artists performed their craft in an intimate setting. No loud drums pounding. No amplifiers squealing. Just their beautiful voices, a sprinkling of piano, and in this case, the lyrical sounds of acoustic guitar and ukulele. The ladies of Native Pearls are well known in the Hawaiian music industry both coming from musical pedigree. Kanoe Cazimero is the lovely hula dancer sister seen often with The Brothers Cazimero. Mihana is the daughter of the celebrated musician Irmgard Aluli, and quite world renown in her own time. Together they are truly unforgettable.

This dynamic duo has been performing together for well over 20 years. Both Mihana and Kanoe are native to Hawai`i and for many, are considered musical “gems,” thus the name "Native Pearls."

Mihana comes from the “Wahine trio” or troubadour legacy; the style being acoustic and roving table to table. The phrase was coined for family groups like Puamana, led by Mihana’s mother Irmgard Farden Aluli; beloved musician and composer.

Kanoe comes from a musical legacy that stems through the family and most predominantly as dancer with brothers Robert & Roland – The Brothers Cazimero who are the benchmark of Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian Music.

Together Mihana and Kanoe on guitar and ukulele offer a personal, home-spun easiness while singing and dancing their way through or at groups of tables. Their repertoire includes Traditional & Contemporary Hawaiian, Hapa-haole tunes, as well as songs written and recorded on Mihana’s own albums.

Whether on stage or in an intimate group setting, the Native Pearls spin their musical magic by taking requests and performing songs that endear customers` memories to these Hawaiian Islands.



Native Pearls